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As a cyclist, Jenna was able to work with my specific needs and early morning schedule to meet my goals. Not only did I grow as an athlete as a result with working with her, I was able to learn a great deal about strength training technique and good practices that I continue to use to this day. I highly recommend training with Jenna if you’re looking to for focused one on one work with someone knowledgeable and/or take your training to the next level.

Giancarlo B.
I had given up on Crossfit as being just too tough and painful for my 63 year old bones and muscles. But Jenna customized my workouts so that I not only didn’t feel like I was about to die but workouts that I actually looked forward to. Her attention to my ankle problems was also very helpful.
Jenna’s private coaching has made it possible for me to return to Crossfit and I’ve learned to do what I can do, push myself, but don’t worry about it if something is just too difficult or painful.
Tom F.

I enjoyed Jenna’s personal training sessions very much because she was tough enough on me without going too far for my ability. She made me feel comfortable learning something I had never done before. Her expertise and experience is crystal clear in her training. Even when I wasn’t training with her, she still took the time to answer my questions, check in with me and even gave me a nutrition plan to follow. She’s got a great personality and is very down to earth. I would definitely recommend Jenna as a trainer.

Rebecca M.