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The Myth of Toning

“I just want to tone.” “I don’t want to get bulky” “How do I tone my arms/legs/belly?” These questions grate on the souls of most trainers. The beauty industry made this term, and it’s had disastrous effects on people’s expectations of what exercise can do for the body. Whenever someone asks me how to “tone” […]


Equipment needed: a sturdy chair 20 step ups on the chair 20 bicycle crunches 20 step ups 20 sit ups 20 step ups 20 Russian twists 2 rounds


Needed equipment: pull up bar, chair Warm up: 20 burpees Workout: 5 pull ups (use chair to help if needed) 5 diamond push-ups 5 military push-ups 5 wide push-ups 10 chair dips with glute bridge at the top of each rep 20 squats 20 jumping lunges 3 rounds Start this Monday right!


Running intervals: Warm up: Walk 1 min Jog 30 seconds Walk 1 min Workout: Jog 30 seconds Run 30 seconds Walk 1 min Repeat this interval 6 times Cool down: Walk 5 min


Happy Friday! Equipment needed: 10# dumbbell 10 bent over rows per arm 10 shoulder presses per arm Ten squats holding the weight 10 bicep curls 10 deadlifts with the weight Repeat 3 times


Equipment needed: pull up bar 8 slow pull up negatives- start with chin over bar and lower yourself as slowly as possible 20 lunges 20 fire hydrants each leg 20 sit ups 4 rounds