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Portland and the Coast

I’ve been in Oregon for 8 days now, and it has been relaxing, exciting, new, and familiar. Driving in Portland is terrible, but walking around the funky neighborhoods is not. I really enjoy the quirks of this city. The many coffee and ice cream shops, breweries and thrift shops. The unabashed acceptance of our generation. […]

Today’s the day! 

Today, I leave Boulder until December. My first stop is Portland, OR to see my best friend Morgan! I have packed, double checked everything, and am confident that I’m ready. So, to quiet curious minds, here’s a photo of everything I’m bringing with me: My NoBull backpack is in the upper left corner. Everything goes […]

Six Weeks and Counting

Hello all, In six weeks, I embark on a three month, solo Euro-trip. From August 30th to November 19th, I’ll explore Europe equipped with a smart phone and a back-pack. Over the past few months, I have been saving my money and gathering the many various items I will be needing, and I’m happy to say […]