Daily Workout

10 military push-ups (elbows in tight to sides)

20 lunges

30 squats

40 bicycle crunches

3 rounds

Rest day

Run in place 30 seconds

5 burpees

10 single leg glute bridges each leg

5 rounds

2 rounds

Plank 1 min

Side plank 1 min

Other side 1 min

Superman 1 min

2 rounds

Bottom of squat hold 1 min

Downward dog 1 min

Lunge hold 1 min

Other leg 1 min

Get outside today!

Warm up with a 5 min walk

Then 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off jogging for 5 min

Then: for 8 min 10 seconds sprint, 50 seconds walk.


Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 20 seconds between movements.

5 rounds:

High knees


Narrow push-ups

Wide push-ups

10 wall walks

Start in a push up position with your feet against a wall. Slowly walk your feet up the wall and your hands toward the wall. Go only as far as you’re comfortable, and then walk back down. Rest as needed between reps. Make sure your keep as straight of a body as possible.

This will challenge your arms, shoulders, core, and lungs.

5 rounds

20 squats

20 glute bridges

20 fire hydrants each leg

20 bicycle crunches

Run 5 miles

April Fools!

Rest day.

7 rounds

7 tuck jumps

7 burpees

7 jump squats