Daily Workout

Equipment needed: Sturdy chair

3 Rounds:

1 min step ups on chair alternating legs

*Pro-Tip- try not to use the foot on the floor to help you get up on the chair. Think about pulling the     heel that’s on the chair toward you and into the floor to activate your glutes and hamstrings on that leg.

15 chair dips (bent legs is easier, straight legs is harder)

1 min toe taps to the chair (Kind of like running in place with high knees. Put the chair in front of you and tap the chair with your toes)

15 chair push ups

You’re going to need a broom for this one.

5 rounds for time:

20 broomstick thrusters

40 side jumps over the broomstick

Rest day

Get outside!

60 min fast walking or hiking

Equipment needed: dumbbell 10-20#


Dumbbell snatch Video

Wall jumps Video

(Do ten of each movement, 9 of each, 8 of each, etc…)

10 min

At the start of each minute perform

6 burpees

10 jump squats

Rest the remainder of the minute


Max plank hold

Equipment needed: pull up bar

Put a chair under the pull up bar for your feet. Use your arms as much as possible, and let your legs make up the difference.

5 pull-ups with slow descents

5 push-ups- also slow- elbows in close to the body

Repeat this until you cannot perform 5 reps with good form.

50 hip bridges

(lie on the floor with your knees bent, press into your feet, and lift your hips as high as you can by squeezing your butt)

50 squats

50 lunges

50 hip bridges

Monday! Start the week right.

Fill a laundry basket with some random, heavy things. Then:

Stand for 1 min holding the basket at your waist

10 floor to counter top lifts (place the basket on the floor, then squat down and lift it with a straight back and put it on the counter)

Stand for one min with it over your head

Repeat 4 times


Rest day.

Do something nice for yourself.