I made it, guys! Today was my second day in Paris and the first full day of my trip. When I arrived in Paris last night, I couldn’t check into my AirBnB yet, so I got myself to the Eiffel Tower and just sat on a park bench admiring my surroundings. The metro (subway) here is easy to use, but not the first time. I definitely almost got lost, didn’t know what kind of tickets to buy, and probably looked like a sad puppy. I figured it out, though. Some very nice people answered a few questions for me, and now I’m using the metro like a pro. You can get almost anywhere in the city in 30 min or less. I love it! The food here so far is not my favorite (mostly because I’m cheap), but the pastries and coffee are amazing!

Today, I went to CrossFit Original Addicts in Paris for a workout. The coaches there were welcoming as if we were old friends. We talked about the crossfit games (they had attended too) and Ido Portal movement methodology. In fact, they may come to Boulder to study with Matt Bernstein at Boulder Movement Collective. I told them to drop by Flatirons for some fun.  The gym itself was small, but nice and well equipped. Up front they had a lovely shop with tea, snacks, and merch. 

I helped a new friend with his snatch technique and did a quick 21-15-9 of power cleans and burpees over bar. After the workout was The Louvre! 

The Louvre was breathtaking. The vastness, the detail, the history. The smile on my face was hard to contain. I saw three of the many exhibits as I don’t care to take the full 5 days the information lady said it would take to see everything. I chose: Italian painters, Greek and Roman sculpture, and Egyptian history.  It’s really hard to say what my favorite was. The history contained in those walls is astounding. Often I would get lost in memories about mythology and folklore. The descriptions were all in French, but I was able to get the gist of everything. The Italian painters were often humorous for me as the people portrayed had hilarious facial expressions. I narrated for them in my head like live memes (example below).

This cracked me up!!

The architecture inside the museum was just as impressive as the art.

Of course, I saw the famous pieces like the Mona Lisa, Venus de milo, and Nike of Somanthrace. 

Mona had her own wall and security (and a mob).

And here’s other pieces I found noteworthy:

Marcus Aurelius

Actual mummy cats. I want all my future pets mummified. K? KTHXBAI.

There was so much more. Too much for my little blog. 

The rest of my stay in Portland was fantastic. Morgan and Zac were the bestest hosts ever, and I love them to pieces. We had an obligatory ladies night which was fabulous. As expected. 

I think I’ll stay in the city of love a few more days, then head east toward Germany to meet up with friends. 


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