I found a £9 flight from Manchester to Dublin, so I went. I had to tear myself from London, but I went. 

It was soooooo cold. For the most part, Manchester was uncomfortable. Even indoors was cold. I’m not certain I ever really felt warm. Like, I considered not showering because the thought of being naked was terrifying. However, I found Train CrossFit Manchester. This is the gym owned by Sam Briggs. I didn’t know that until after I arrived, and she wasn’t there, but it was cool nonetheless. It’s a beautiful gym! Clean, well laid out, well equipped… That’s not the part that made it great though. 

I went there with the intention of getting a bit of oly in before the WOD, and ended up making a very special friend. Everyone, this is Chris. He’s one of the warmest, most knowledgeable Oly coaches I’ve ever met. 

He immediately made me feel welcomed, and once I started lifting, the coaching talk began. We talked cues, theories, common errors, female versus male lifters, and so much more. It was freezing cold in there, but it helped to have someone to joke about it with. I went back the next day for more lifting, and am excited to say I have some awesome new cues to bring home for myself and my students. ?

That’s all I have to say about that. Next post will be about Ireland. I’ll be back in Paris soon, and then I fly to Minneapolis on Saturday! See you soon!

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