I’ve been in Oregon for 8 days now, and it has been relaxing, exciting, new, and familiar. Driving in Portland is terrible, but walking around the funky neighborhoods is not. I really enjoy the quirks of this city. The many coffee and ice cream shops, breweries and thrift shops. The unabashed acceptance of our generation. I saw a sticker that said “we’re all just pretending to be adults.” Some of us pretend better than others. 

This last weekend we went to the coast for a four day adventure.

This was the first evening. We found a camping spot and made our way right to the beach with a couple beers. It was warm and breezy with that beautiful mist on the hills. Bailey Dog had her first of several amazing beach days chasing anything we would throw until she was so exhausted getting in the car was a chore. 

The next day was much the same. Sun, cooooooold Pacific waters, fetch, and a beach workout so I didn’t feel badly about eating coconut cream pie for breakfast. The rest of our group was arriving that evening, so Morgan and I just relaxed together for the day. 

Bailey doesn’t like balls that remain ball-shaped. So I was throwing this for much of the day. Or finding it for her when she would “accidentally” drop it in the water. ?

This is a jellyfish that washed up on the beach. It was drying on the edges and so strangely beautiful. I poked it with a stick, or course. Like a goddamn adult. 

The next day, we all got our fishing licenses and went crabbing! It was cold and foggy all day, but so fun trying something new. We ended up with 14 crabs! After finding a more secluded forest campsite, we had ourselves a feast: crab, corn on the cob, fresh bread, and loads of butter. I’m sure we smelled terrible all seafood, sweat, and smoke. We were so happy though. 

The final day, we tried our hand at ocean fishing. It was so windy! We didn’t catch a thing, but it was beautiful scenery and a nice last day on the sea. I dint think fishing is my calling, but I’m not bad a splitting firewood. ??

Now I’m back in Portland. Tonight I’m attending a weightlifting class at CrossFit Primal Energy and having dinner at my good friends Barrett and Ashley’s house. 

I miss you all! ?

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