Hello all,

In six weeks, I embark on a three month, solo Euro-trip. From August 30th to November 19th, I’ll explore Europe equipped with a smart phone and a back-pack. Over the past few months, I have been saving my money and gathering the many various items I will be needing, and I’m happy to say that I’m pretty much ready to go!

So far, my plans are few. I’m flying into Paris first, and from there, I’m not sure where exactly I’m going to go for the next two weeks. Oktoberfest starts in Munich on Sept 17, and I’m planning on attending with a Kiwi friend from Boulder who will coincidentally be there at the same time. After Oktoberfest, I will likely head south to Italy where I have some friends. These are truly my only plans so far! I’m hoping to see Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, and maybe the UK and Iceland. I don’t want to constantly be moving. I’d rather get immersed in each culture so I can experience it as a citizen, not an outsider. How will I do this?


I’m hoping that in each city I visit, the local CrossFit community will serve as my guide. I plan on contacting boxes before I arrive and doing workouts all over the continent. As anyone who does CrossFit knows, we are a world wide family, and I expect nothing but welcome from each gym.

I’ll be updating this blog leading up to and during my trip. Check back for photos and stories!


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