As promised, here’s the details on our trip to Austria! I was graciously invited on a CrossFit Stuttgart family trip to Area 47 in Tirol, Austria this past weekend. We had an incredible time!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos as I couldn’t take my phone on the adventures, but I’ll still give a full account of the weekend for your imaginary viewing pleasures. 

The trip started Friday afternoon with a three hour bus ride. Everyone was excited and social the whole way. It was a great way to get established with my travel partners. We had plenty of beer and other drinkables to ensure a good trip.

The drive in wasn’t terrible at all.

When we arrived at the resort, we ate some food at the restaurant and all went to bed as we had an early morning, white water rafting trip booked.

Rafting was a blast. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and the alps didn’t disappoint. After somehow managing to squeeze into my too small wetsuit, we got to our boats with our teams and went on our way. The water was sssooooooo cold! The guide made us do a practice tip of the boat which resulted in a slightly black eye for me, but it was fun anyway. The Rapids were super mild, but it wasn’t those we had to watch out for. Other boats were the real danger. It was like a sea of pirates out there. We waged war on each other like middle schoolers encouraged by our chaperones. Splashing, crashing, oar and passenger theft were rampant. Many people went overboard, and many laughs were shared. Once we got off the water, we squeezed out of our wetsuits with much relief and headed off to the water park.

Me and these lovelies decided to try out the wake boarding. I’ve been wake boarding for 16 years, but this course made a fool of me. Being pulled by cables, and not a boat was wildly humbling, and I never once made a full lap around the lake. The corners were sharp and the line had inconsistent tension that I just couldn’t get the hang of. But it was warm out, and the views were gorgeous, so it was still fun.

Back at the main water park, there was all kinds of slides and adrenaline inducing activities like the Blob. What is the blob? Well, it’s a giant air cushion on the water. One person jumps down and positions themselves on the far edge, then the next person jumps into the blob launching the first person into the air and into the lake. What a rush! Next to that was a huge slide that has a similar effect. You lie like a mummy to go down, and right at the end there’s a sharp upturn which, quite suddenly, renders you airborn. It was easily the most exhilarating water slide I’ve ever been on.

We had dinner at the Argentinian BBQ that night. The restaurant doubles as a night club as well, and that got interesting fast. Everyone in our group immediately commented on the lack of females. It was a giant sausage fest! Like, I’ve never seen anything like it. Naturally, I got talked into arm wrestling by some swissmen.

He obviously won, but he was embarrassed by the effort he had to expend and brought me a beer later. #functionalfitness

The next day, we spent most of the day like beach bums soaking in the last of the year’s warm rays. There were some pretty awesome trampolines which I enjoyed thoroughly, and we also did a ropes course at a height of 27 meters. The course was taxing and scary, but really fun and a nice little workout. The view was amazing from the top. 

I spent most of the weekend dressed like this:

I call it Mountain Chic.

The best adventure of the weekend was the Mega Swing. First we had to hike up to the bridge. A short climb, but got the heart rate up. Then we had to attach our carabiners to a metal cable and walk across a narrow bridge at 27 m up. THEN we had to shimmy sideways on a plank to get around the pylon and onto the jumping platform. It was terrifying. I knew I was perfectly safe thanks to the harness, but it’s not enough to keep the fight of flight response at bay. So, sweaty palmed and red faced, I waiting in line for my turn to jump watching all the people in front of me jump off the ledge with a small rope connected to their harness. When it was my turn, my stomach was in my throat. The guides pushed me into position, counted to three, and gently encouraged me over the edge. I ALMOST PEED. First, you free fall. Next, the rope gains tension and you swing in a huge arch. Then you realize what’s happened and can enjoy the next few swings before gravity slows you and you’re caught by the guy on the ground. I immediately wanted to go again. 10/10 would do over and over.

The ride home wasn’t as fun as the way there. Thanks to everyone else leaving the mountains, it took 7 hours. Colorado peeps, you know how it is.

I’m staying in Stuttgart for another few days as there’s beer fest here which the locals swear is better than Munich. On Monday, off to Zurich! 


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