“I just want to tone.” “I don’t want to get bulky” “How do I tone my arms/legs/belly?” These questions grate on the souls of most trainers. The beauty industry made this term, and it’s had disastrous effects on people’s expectations of what exercise can do for the body. Whenever someone asks me how to “tone” […]

Protein. We can’t seem to escape it. Marketing and food companies have latched onto it like El Dorado. They tout their goods with the promise of lean bodies, reduced hunger, and athletic prowess. But you’re smart. You know that the goal of marketing is to sell you something. You know protein is important, but how […]

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to share that starting today, I will be posting a daily workout! These workouts will be for anyone, but especially for those with limited time. You can do them at home or at a gym. For those who are at home, I will soon be posting links for equipment you […]

  After I came back from Europe, I put training on hold to try my hand at full time work. I accepted a position as GM of the South Boulder Sweet Cow, and while it was a fun experience, my heart belongs to the gym. As I live in Longmont, I am now training in […]

And so, I arrived back in Paris. Back to where it started three months prior. I stayed in the same hostel as the first time, and revisited only my very favorite spots.  I’ll miss Paris for the sweets for sure. I went to two crossfit gyms while I was there, one familiar and one new. […]

Yeah. It’s green. I spent a full seven days in Ireland after Manchester because I found another £9 flight to Paris the following week. Mostly, I was in Dublin, but I did make it out to the west for the weekend to see the Cliffs of Moher. Lucky for me, it didn’t rain much while […]

I found a £9 flight from Manchester to Dublin, so I went. I had to tear myself from London, but I went.  It was soooooo cold. For the most part, Manchester was uncomfortable. Even indoors was cold. I’m not certain I ever really felt warm. Like, I considered not showering because the thought of being […]

I only gave myself 4 days in London. I had no idea just how much I would love it. From the delicious food to the vibrant markets, London captured my heart. What helped the most was CrossFit London. They were the first affiliate in Europe. They have nearly 1000 members between a few locations. They’re […]

Great song by Jewel. Check it out. I sang it almost everyday while I was there. “If you could hear the voice in my heart, it would tell you ‘I’m afraid, I’m alone.’ Won’t somebody please hold me, release me, show me the meaning of mercy. Let me loose to fly!” Barcelona had huge ups […]

Before this trip, when I thought of Florence, I imagined a quiet Italian town on a hill surrounded by vineyards and filled with art and cafes. I was so wrong. It was crowded, dirty, and beside the cathedral and certain monuments, I found it to be kind of ugly. I’m happy to have seen it […]