Ciao!  Here’s the first of two Italian posts. Italy was my first foreign love, and that has not changed.While I was there I made new friends and reconnected with old, ate delicious pasta and drank amazing wine. I learned an impressive amount of Italian in a short time spending time with people who hardly speak […]

Hellooooooo! It’s my last day in Zurich, and the weather is a little crappy, so it’s a great day to sit down and catch you up. We left off in Stuttgart with the promise of beer fest, and man did I experience it. It wasn’t what I expected, it was better! One of my friends […]

As promised, here’s the details on our trip to Austria! I was graciously invited on a CrossFit Stuttgart family trip to Area 47 in Tirol, Austria this past weekend. We had an incredible time! Unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos as I couldn’t take my phone on the adventures, but I’ll still give a full […]

Sorry for the delay. I actually haven’t been up to too much since my last post. Stuttgart has been very hospitable, and so I haven’t been in a rush to leave. I’ve met a great community of crossfitters here, have a great (and free) place to stay, and have been just enjoying my time. In […]

Hello readers! I’m writing to you now from Stuttgart, Germany. My lovely friend from CO, Becky Clark, is stationed at the military base here, and I’m using her boyfriends flat while he is away. So, now that I’ve found a cafe with wifi, I can settle in and send my latest stories.  I left you […]

Bonjour! (French is hard, and I suck at it) For today’s post, I have happy tales, sad announcements, personal reflection, and a new city. I stayed in Paris a few days more after my last post. There’s so much city, I’m sure I just scratched the surface. I went back to CrossFit Original Addicts II. […]

I made it, guys! Today was my second day in Paris and the first full day of my trip. When I arrived in Paris last night, I couldn’t check into my AirBnB yet, so I got myself to the Eiffel Tower and just sat on a park bench admiring my surroundings. The metro (subway) here […]

I’ve been in Oregon for 8 days now, and it has been relaxing, exciting, new, and familiar. Driving in Portland is terrible, but walking around the funky neighborhoods is not. I really enjoy the quirks of this city. The many coffee and ice cream shops, breweries and thrift shops. The unabashed acceptance of our generation. […]

Today, I leave Boulder until December. My first stop is Portland, OR to see my best friend Morgan! I have packed, double checked everything, and am confident that I’m ready. So, to quiet curious minds, here’s a photo of everything I’m bringing with me: My NoBull backpack is in the upper left corner. Everything goes […]

Hello all, In six weeks, I embark on a three month, solo Euro-trip. From August 30th to November 19th, I’ll explore Europe equipped with a smart phone and a back-pack. Over the past few months, I have been saving my money and gathering the many various items I will be needing, and I’m happy to say […]